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Tomorrow is always a good day

Time at home is so relaxing and charming. Staying with family is never a more splendid thing in the world. But the fact is there is only one day and two nights left for me to stay at my lovely house. The day after tomorrow, I will take the high-spees train to school which means that I shall wait another month at least until I can see my parents again. Yes, I do admit once in a while I went to the extreme that I do not want to stay at home one more seconds, but that is under the condition that my ill-tempered father irratated me once again on the first day of lunar new year, and I just can not help crying complaining what a poor soul I am and swear I will never treat him good but days later, things changed quite a lot and our relationship began to turn to the good side and we get along with each other quite harmoniously and I do treasure this moment very much. I love my mother for all her considerate care, always patient to bring the   delicious breakfast to my bed and I do love my father for no reason[well, I can not find one cuz I find that when he is good-tempered, all is well with me, but when he is ill-tempered, I just can not understand him at all, but there is a saying that no matter how he or she is, he or she is still your parent, and you just can not deny it.] The shame is that I have not spent enough time to be with my grandparents. I feel so sorry and regretful cuz I am afraid that when I have the ability to repay them, to be affiliate them, they are already gone. I have been in such fear for quite a long time but I do not know how to break it cuz I found myself always in a quite un●●●dy mood and I just can not help. Really, I gather it is my thinking patter that formed the present me. Well, having said a lot, so get back to the point, I hope I will be a better me this year and the rest of my life. And I do believe myself.

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