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Feelings after watching tv

Yes, I have been watching Downton abbey recently and I have watched war and peace already. I would like to say that British TV  series are attractive and very much appealing once you start to  touch them. I love the way they speak English and I love the motif of them which is touching and attrctive. War and peace have in all 6 episodes so it is quite compact. It shocked me when the spot of war came into sight, hundreds of thousands of soldiers died or wounded, millions of citizens were in panic and hurried to find asylum to survive. It IS cruel to launch a war so I hope powerful country like American could stop their scheme right away concerning the present situation in Syria. It is very cruel that a lot of refugees became homeless and it cost their life to try to find a place safe for them. Case in point is that there have been numberous of them died during the journey on the sea to a safe place they wanted to find. To let an alive person die is quite merciless. Another one is sir Andrei is a 专情的man. His love is pure and long-lasting. As for Downton, there is so many to say, but I would rather stop here today.

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