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The first hard day when I am at school

Cause we are made of different things, opinions are quite different, but I do can not see the point of speak with a sharp tone. There is the so-called temperament, I suppose. May be my temperament can not agree with that of her quite harmonious. This is the first day we meet each other since a long-timewinter vacation. I could feel the difficulty of getting along well with each other. But maybe we should not be so sensitive and we should have more tact, we should be more sophisticated cause only on that way we can live a good life in this world. Things have changed a lot. People are no longer that simple. We can find a lot of things in this world disappointing, so it IS imperative that we should not have much high expectancy and this is also the challenge and meaning of life----the world is a combination of good and ill though, we need to avoid the dark side of it and pay more attention on the good side, otherwise it would be very difficult to lead a happy life and the key is in the thinking pattern of oneself. Well, I'll, of course, never pay much attention to interpersonal relationship like I used to be cuz it is useless and meaningless and also proved to be harmful on one's mentality and physical body as well. So since this is first moment of experiencing it in this way, I will never make myself be caught in it the rest of my life. To keep record, today swallow make me very pleased beacause so as to accompany me, she called off her high-speed train and take bus with me. I am rather shocked and indeed quite touched by what she has done. To be honest, it is very attractive to see the night-scenery here in Mianyang. Maybe I need to wip e my eyes more completely. There is no shortage of beautiful things around. It is we that can not find the lovely part. Not themselves are ugly. Stop here.

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