on the way to be a well-rounded person

People who do not wish you a promising future do not deserve to be your friend, instead, much better to be a passerby. Yes, I do do not like someone who boast he or she knows things much more than anyone else in the world. Why does these people have such kind of confidence? Where does their confidence come from? Anyway, I do not know. I gather I would better not to talk with these people for we do not share the same value toward things, which of course will, sooner or later, lead to a conflict or even breach. Always keep in mind. Yes, mama has put it correctly, in one's lifelong time, if one meets a true friend, he or she is lucky enough cuz people are all selfish. So to find the one who do treat you as he or she treats himself or herself is really difficult. However, I do not mean she is very much noxious to me. Indeed, she is usually, good. What I hope is that we can live harmoniously through this year and next year. After all, we will soon graduate from here. And the chance is that we not not likely to meet again in our lifetime. So just cherish this moment when are together. Always be tolerated. Keep going.

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