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My wish

Once again, I have experienced another down. I have no iDEA when I can get over it, but at least now I cannot. I just cannot. I indeed, admire those who do not have such experience and who can strive for their dream and a better life without fear. And I seem to know what is my crux and what should I do. Just seem. The fact is I do not know it very much. I do not know myself very much. All I know is that I can not control my mood efficiently and I can easily be influenced by others. I care to much about others and their feelings. I am fearful one day I will be surpasses by them and no longer that excellENT the way I used to be. Always when I have such kind of sentiment, I Will feel anxious and begin to experience that kind of thing. And I just can not let it go and after that all my mood showed up is sorrow and fears. I think I should know more about myself and I should really change my thinking pattern, otherwise I will experience those things again and again. Always fear and anxiety are the source of abnormality. Hope I will get better and reclaim the ought-to-be calm.

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