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Something in mind today

Very happy that my oral English has indeed made some progress. in fact, I do not know how but the result doE's make me a little bit rupturous and today my state is relatively good. In the past weeks, I was In a fearful and unstable state, quite easy to be irratated and always be In a scared state and cannot step out. I know it was my obsession once again and I just try hard to live with it. Hopefully, the final result is not bad and I hold the belief that despite the symptom, I can make it at last, so there is no need for me to be fearful. What I need to do is to concentrate to my work in my hand and once I enter the best state, I will find it very easy to address this problem. Sometimes, I just feel so at ease and all of a sudden, everything for me can be more lovely, but once I am in a fearful state, I will feel terrible and that sort of feeling, I believe, if you have not experienced, you pretty much have no idea what it was like. You just cannot imagine. Just like people said, in the obsessive's world, he is the actor and you just can not pull him out easily. No matter what you say to them, it seems that they just cannot hear and they are so deeply immersed in their own created world and although they want to step out, they just struggle against it in vain and it will finally turned out to be a failure. So according to the theory of doctor Seng and my own experience, the best way to solve this problem is to live with it and ignore it because the more attention you paid to it, the more severe your symptom will be  and of course that will reduce your confidence of handling it and we know confidence is an indispensable element in working out a thing. So be brave, be resilient and be optimistic. Although it takes time to change your way of thinking, your value, but if you stick to it, it will be adressed at last and a promising future is waving his hands to you. Just try your best and live in this beautiful world happily like once you are in the past. So much reflections these days. Hope I can finally achieve my goal if I try hard.

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