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Have not had so much energy to study at night. I know I have wasted another two nights. So I am a little bit dissapointed. But I know that I will be full of power again and it will not take long. I browse the microblog of brilliant people, some of whom are interpreters now, some excellent students majoring in interpreting and some just like me major in English. They have spark of something extraordinary in them and I by no means should not follow them. Everytime I see their stories, I feel kind of inspired and the burning flame of becoming a interpreter is ignited once again and I am very much rafreshed and full of ambition again. So today, at this moment, I made a decision:

My goal in 2016-2017
1. Enter interpreting department of SISU
2. Pass the translation exam CATTI 3
3. Improve my oral English
4. Take everyday exercise
5. Be slim to about 47kg.
6. Read as much book as I can
7. Spend more time with my beloved

All these take a long time and need I stick firmly to it. I trust myself and I want to improve myself everyday cuz I believe a man makes progress everyday can be the truly civilized man. And I want a decent career. I love interpreting although at present I do not very much know about the specific details of it, but I hold that a professional interpreter is respectable and is, to some extent, a civilised man. I want to strive for it when I am still young. I have nothing to fear and all I need to do is to take a shoot. So from today, do not break your rules or principles easily and always be optimistic. Tomorrow is very bright for me if I try hard.

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