on the way to be a well-rounded person

Life is full of ups and downs or maybe almost all downs. But to take them as exactly the opposite is a skill require great efforts to achieve. How to live in this imperfect world with an eagle eye for lovely things and with a positive attitude to face it bravely and challenge what challenge back vigorously is really a diacipline which takes long time to acknowledge and put into practice. To our relief,  we are the most complicated species in the world, and the most intelligent one, so dent or anything depressing or frustrating is never gonna to stop us from becoming the better selves. So stick to what u want to be and implement your grand plan and stand up everytime you are knocked down and with a smile on the face, face the future more courageous. This is what life means for me at this time. I do not whether my thought will change or not in the future, but what I am sure is that I will always go toward where there are sunshine.

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